Increase sales as a content creator via livestream shopping


    We’ve already spelled out in a number of previous articles, why livestream shopping is useful for webshop owners. But how can those profit from this tool, who have no online store but can pride themselves on having tremendous content and a populous visitor base?

    The next question is rather logical: how do content factories, such as blogs, radio and TV portals or virtual websites of popular magazines generate income? The answer lies in selling ad space. This practice involves the domain owners selling empty display ads to brands with webshops on their own platforms. 

    It’s important to outline, that we’re talking about a valuable advertising technique here. The practice of selling ad space was predicted to grow by 18,5% in 2021 according to the latest eMarketer research. The method in question means a mutually beneficial collaboration, as the content maker obtains its source of income, while its partners might gain numerous potential customers. For this symbiosis to be profitable, it’s indispensable to match the brands to the audience of the information channel.

    Example: It’s certainly not worth selling handicraft tools on a mom blog, however, diapers all the more.

    Selling ad space challenges

    Selling ad space is not as easy as it sounds. This isn’t something to shrug off, and the info portal shouldn’t play ducks and drakes of these valuable slots. In spite of this, many are nonchalant when it comes to exploiting sales opportunities to their fullest. We’ve seen numerous blogs and news channels with empty banners and side bars, and also ads with unsuitably identified target audiences.

    We’ve come across the other extreme end as well: overcrowded spaces with blaring marketing clutter. These are the leading anti-patterns for selling ad space.

    However, even if everything goes seamlessly, there’s a factor to reckon with, for which the content factory cannot be even blamed: advertisements having a picture or GIF format is dull, hollow and forgettable. Thus, a tech-blog can go out of its way to flawlessly and aesthetically position all the electronics-related ads on its site, it might all be in vain, as low user engagement will result in a poor click-through rate. In such situations the potential in this simply scrumptious sales strategy.

    So, how could these traps be evaded? The success of selling ad space can be greatly advanced by livestream shopping. We’ll fill you in on the details!

    Say goodbye to irrelevant ads and welcome livestream shopping

    Customers are ad-sensitive: they react well to witty content but can be easily frightened away with aggressive advertising messages or improperly chosen product placements.

    Selling ad space with the involvement of livestream shopping

    This can be a real game changer regarding user engagement and sales. Content creators can smoothly insert this tool into online, written materials, posts and vacant displays, while their partners have the freedom to tailor the products shown in the live sessions to customers’ needs.

    Regarding income, this method works the following way: the owner of the domain sells the streaming option on its own platform. It functions similar to display, so streamboxes might be sold on a time or click basis. Moreover, the recording of partner-specific videos is also possible, where the goods of the respective webshop appear in the product feed to be directly purchased by viewers.

    What products can livestream shopping sell?

    Here comes the best part – there are no limitations. The live session can be built up just for anything that can be sold and presented in detail.

    For example, a Hungarian website listing event halls in the country may sell the livestreaming opportunity to the number one wedding venue provider in Hungary, whose streamer shows the viewers around the property.

    Naturally, apart from services, the tool is also appropriate for popularizing any kinds of products. For instance, a sports broadcaster may insert its partner’s live video into one of its online articles, where the host presents all trending sports attire and equipment. This is surely a beneficial way of selling ad space!

    Putting the cherry on top

    Regardless whether you’re an info channel or a brand with a webstore, livestream shopping is definitely an advantage-packed opportunity up for grabs. So, let’s waste no more time –get to know Bannerse, book a demo with us!