Second Screen Fan engagement Platform without app download

Bannerse empowers sports clubs, associations, broadcasters, and event presenters to maximize their sponsorship revenue, rewarding fans instantly or optionally with a point collecting system during sport broadcasts and sports events in the stadium by offering a new interactive ad space tailored for sponsors.
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How to take fans to
Second Screen
Fan Engagement Platform

Fans scan the QR code or open from a link
Fans open the Second Screen Fan Engagement Platform on mobile
Fans can choose to receive rewards
Fans enter contact info or sign in to loyalty account to redeem chosen reward

Why Bannerse is the answer to your challenges?

Challenges we solve
  • Make broadcasting and streaming events interactive
    Create new advertising space for sponsors
    Influence NextGen fans without interactivity and personalized video contents
    Purchase merchandise or sponsored products seamlessly without interruption
    Track fan activities

How customers can benefit from Bannerse?

Sports media rights owners
Entertain & engage fans with exclusive video contents
Sell more merchandise products & tickets.
Offer a new interactive ad format for sponsors
Sports media rights holders
Turn traditional broadcasting into an interactive video experience
Offer a new interactive ad space for sponsors
Advertisers  & sponsors
Reach broader NextGen consumers through interactivity
Extra sponsorship visibility
Sport event presenters
Create one interactive platform to share all in-stadium activities, an ads with fans
Entertain, engage, advertise without app download

What can Bannerse enhance?

Interactive broadcasting
Turn traditional sport broadcasting into an interactive video experience where fans can engage with not only the game but also sponsored contents.
In-Stadium Fan Engagement
Entertain, engage fans, sell merchandise and increase sponsor visitbility in the stadium without app download.

Easy Customizable Platform: Interactive Features for the
Next Gen Fans

Bannerse is a second screen fan engagement platform helping sports organisations, broadcasters & event presenters to monetize all video contents through interactivity & new interactive ad spaces.
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Games & Activities Menu

  • Add unlimited number of interactive games and fan activities to this page to entertain the fans in stadium
    Fans can get access to the trivia, voting and spin wheel games etc. without app download


  • Add cheering feature to engage fans with the game and let them show their support real-time!
    Turn unengaged fans into active participants

Content Feed

  • Share match info: match schedule, team standing or ranking
  • Exclusive behind the scene videos, news and team contents, keep your fans updated!

Merchandise Sale

Purchasing merchandised or sponsored products seamlessly without interuppting watching the game

Sponsorship Visibility

Offer unlimited sponsorship possibilities throughout the Fan Engagement Platform during the event on different pages, sizes and formats.

Engage. Monetize. Advertise.

Stand out in the competitive market. Click to empower your ads with Bannerse's interactive features.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our interactive fan engagement platform is available on different devices
Mobile & Tablet
Stadium Screen

Monetize Fan Engagement & boost your sponsorship revenue

Start using Bannerse Interactive Fan Engagement Plarfort today.