Journey of a sports fan – from casual viewer to dedicated customer


    One does not have to be a professional player in order to enjoy sports – engaging in fan activities can be just as cathartic. But how does a casual viewer become a passionate supporter? 

    1. Finding the sport that speaks to them

    The journey begins with finding the sport that they enjoy. This can be one that they themselves played or did when they were youngsters and they already have good memories and an emotional connection to it. Or it can be something that they take on on the road when they are grown-ups. It can be introduced to them by others who are may already be fans, or of course they can come across it by total accident - for example stopping by a livestream of a sport event.

    2. Finding the team they can cheer for

    The next step is the team. Either we talk local or international level, sticking to a group hey want to call the winning team is where becoming a fan starts. And it’s not just the players that make up this group, it’s the other fans too. By cheering on a team together, they have a collective experience that makes them either very happy or sometimes very sad. But what matters is that they can feel and express these emotions together. 

    In order to be accepted by the fan group, they need to show that they support this particular team. The most obvious sign is a visual one: wearing the colors of the team. A jersey or a scarf is the strongest indicator that one belongs to a sports fan club.

    3. Participating in sports events

    The easiest way to connect to their team and to other fans is by participating in sports events. This can mean going to the actual site, the arena or stadium, or maybe meeting up with other fans before or after a game, or if physical presence is not possible, watching a livestream of the sport event their team is involved in.

    This way, a casual viewer gets a more and more dedicated member of the fan club, engaging in more and more activities related to the team, and also owning more and more that expresses their commitment to the sport and the team. This can mean the jersey of their favourite player, a scarf with their favourite team, and everyday items that are merchandise products from the team: mugs, pens, booklets, hoodies, posters and so much more.

    As they spend more and more time as a fan, the choice becomes self-evident: if they have to choose between a product with or without their team’s label on it, they prefer the latter one.

    When do sports fans make a purchase?

    Purchasing a merchandise items happens most often during a sports event – both in a venue and in a livestream. The online event organizers and livestream providers have the opportunity to offer the products to the fans with Bannerse. This AI-powered interactive video ad format allows viewers to go to the webshop and buy products real-time during an event. 

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