How do GenZ follow their favourite sports team?


    Sport achievements can connect people from every generation. Youngsters and sport veterans cheer, get overwhelmed with joy or get disappointed for their favourite sports team together. Even if the experienced feelings are similar, the way they follow sport events is not: GenZ prefers much more to participate via livestreams and online events than going to the actual site. What are the numbers and what can livestream providers and organizers do with it?

    GenZ FOLLOWS sports news online

    The easiest way to access information is by taking out our phone from our pocket – we all know this. And GenZ uses this to the maximum extent possible. Why wouldn’t they when almost all the information they need can be immediately in their hands? Naturally, following sports news also happens online for them. From the latest sport reports to the current mood of their favourite players via their social media accounts, all of it is easily accessible. Just take a look at the most famous sport players’ Instagram accounts: Cristiano Ronaldo having 622 million followers and Leonel Messi having 499 million followers tells you enough.

    GenZ WATCHES sports events online

    In a recent poll of Talker, they published that 80% of fans between the ages of 18 and 26 watch sport from their mobile. 74% also get most of their sports content from social media, the highest from the viewed generations. 

    The article also states that 43% of GenZ prefers to watch sport events from home and their preferred sports are basketball, athletics and football. For almost 80% of them, the importance of captivating content using augmented reality graphics, virtual studios, data, and sports analysis tools and more is essential.

    This gives the livestream providers and sports events organizers the opportunity to engage with GenZ real-time during these sport events. For them, a well-organized sport live event is also a platform where they can have special offers, coupon codes, limited merchandise items shown to this group. 

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