Advantages of livestream shopping: a buyer’s perspective


    Since the live sales industry is still considered a rather fledgling one in the Western hemisphere, it’s not evident to many, why this method of shopping is considered more practical than purchasing products conventionally. We know that tried and tested practices are difficult to change, but the advantages of livestream shopping make up for all the deficiencies of traditional virtual shopping. In the below sections we shed light on these elements.

    No more confusing redirection

    It’s especially specific to aggregator websites and social media live shopping events that they don’t offer a direct purchase possibility. As customers, even the sight of the redirection button or link might be demotivating because our unconscious connects it with snail-paced page loading times. What’s real oil to the fire is when we land not on the expected product page but on a totally different one. This phenomenon is most often caused by the retailer failing to provide the promotional site with the appropriate link, the product selling out or getting a different URL. Regardless of the cause, the reaction tends to be identical: we hit the exit button and abandon our buying intent.

    Livestream shopping sessions feature no such issues, since the tool allows for putting the introduced items directly in the shopping cart and purchasing them. Thanks to the clever product feed embedded into the videos, customers save precious time and energy.

    The time of uncertainty is over

    Everyone’s familiar with the feeling of finding the desired product online that lacks a proper description, decreasing the confidence to buy it. Several descriptions leave out the material, size, function or maintenance of items. Therefore, genuinely determined customers must risk a “fifty-fifty” chance at ordering the goods, from which the potential torment of return had already taken their enthusiasm.

    The advantages of livestream shopping include detailed product introductions. The video format offers a great opportunity for the streamer to show viewers the physical attributes of each item and share all necessary infos about them. This method entails higher customer satisfaction, as consumers make doubtless orders.

    Tearing down the communication barrier

    The previous paragraph brings about the following logical question: what happens when we still need more information about an item. Well, in case of conventional online shopping, we can usually expect to select from phone or e-mail-based customer support. The greatest disadvantages of the latter are undoubtedly lengthy connection times and high tariffs, while the most significant drawback of the latter one is the multi-day response time. Although the live chat option provides a more pleasant alternative, it still leaves much to be desired.

    The live sales tool has got your back regarding this problem too. As consumers we expect to have our questions answered immediately with the competent party. Among the advantages of livestream shopping, direct and instant communication is unbeatable. We have the freedom to type in any question, request or doubt into the live chat that’s available throughout the entire session. These are all made visible to the host of the event, who is thus able to react to them. Naturally, viewers can reflect on each other’s comments, and answer the already-posed questions asked by latecomers, saving the host lots of time.

    The time of dubious coupons has come

    We happily exploit the benefits of coupon codes during conventional online shopping. However, these are often improperly positioned on webstores, making them disappear or difficult to find. And if they’re found at all, there’s still a fair chance that they cannot be used on the respective order or have already expired.

    Such inconvenience never happens during livestream events.The streamer fills the audience in on the current coupon code and often even displays it throughout the whole video. Moreover, since the session is replayable, even those can benefit from the coupon who missed the live event.

    Thoughts to take away

    As you can see, the advantages of livestream shopping far exceed those of its conventional counterpart.

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