Livestream shopping efficient and creative topic ideas


    Would you like to reap the benefits of livestream shopping but can’t think of any good topics that could entice and capture the audience? This isn’t a rare case – but one we have an effective recipe for. In the below sections we spell out our top livestream shopping topic ideas, that are not only unique and creative, but also strengthen brand awareness along with user engagement.

    Lay the foundations with a brand intro

    This is a rather smart move despite whether your brand is well-known on the market or your products are just gaining recognition. During the brand introduction:

    • explain where you got the business idea,
    • what the story is behind the name,
    • and what your goals and future plans are.

    Also, you can talk about your product palette, services, and the assets you plan to expand your business with at later stages. Visual impulsions are important to customers, as they can build a better connection with brands that they can link with a face.

    Moreover, livestream shopping is a magnificent tool for building trust and appearing likeable and approachable. Need some extra persuasion? According to the latest Techjury statistics, 82% of people prefer watching a brand’s livestream event instead of its social media posts.

    Basic livestream shopping topic idea: product range

    It comes logically from the previous paragraph that once your viewers got closer to your brand, you show them your goods. Exploit the advantages of the video format here: do a detailed display, where you show your products from each angle while informing your audience about the functionalities of your goods, how to use them and why they are better than similar products seen at your competitors’ websites. The same event allows for the popularization of certain goods and introduction of trending and worse performing ones.

    Simple yet effective livestream shopping topic idea: Q&

    It’s only suggested to shoot your shot when you had already collected enough FAQs from previous live sessions. Your viewers will appreciate that you dedicate time specifically to answer their questions or react to their comments. Furthermore, you can complement the already-gathered questions with ones you haven’t encountered yet but you would pose them if you were a customer.

    Livestream shopping topic idea for showing your knowledge: outlook to trends and actualities

    It makes a positive impression to show that you’re knowledgeable about trends, news and actualities concerning your respective field. This gives off the signal of being active, adaptive and open-minded. Therefore, it’s advised to keep track of the events regarding your area of activity, and react to them in livestream meet-ups. For instance, if you sell beauty products, it’s a good idea to cover the latest make-up trends or trending evening skincare routines done by influencers.

    Pro tip: as a beauty webshop owner, it’s an excellent move to highlight those goods with which the hottest social media make-ups can be created, and it’s a plus if you share some useful tricks on how to do them.

    Your go-to livestream shopping topic idea: inviting a guest

    It’s considered an incredibly strong strategy to invite a guest speaker of your domain. On one hand, it’s easier to conduct a stream in company. On the other hand, there’s a great chance this tactic will lift you above your competitors. The more relevant and popular your guest is, the better, and it certainly doesn’t hurt if they have a huge follower base.

    These attributes will enhance sales and user engagement. For example, if you sell sports attire and equipment, invite a fitness guru to host the live event with you, where they can try and review your products and share their insights on topics.

    Livestream shopping topic idea if you create your products yourself: peek behind the curtains

    Do you create your goods yourself? Then the next live sales topic idea is custom-tailored for you. Viewers like to sneak a peek into the backstage, find out some secrets, and gain some insight into the process from the idea to launch. Thus, dedicate a stream to showing your audience how your products or at least the most hyped one is made. Don’t guide them through the entire process though – that would be time-consuming and a total attention-killer as the event proceeds.

    Get your potential customers acquainted with some cool techniques they surely haven’t been familiar with before. For instance, allow your viewers to learn how to organize the elements of a beautiful dried flower bouquet or wreath aesthetically.

    Livestream shopping topic ideas: final words

    The above sections served the purpose to give you some inspiration for the content of your next live event. Naturally, the storehouse of livestream shopping topic ideas is inexhaustive – perhaps some great subjects also popped into your head by the time you got to the end of our list. Aim to create relevant, fresh and unique streams that hook your audience.

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