Influencer marketing and livestream shopping – the winning online sales duo


    Being an influencer, as a profession, has globally emerged to be one of the most popular means of living in the past couple years. An influencer is a person who takes pride in having a populous follower base on social media platforms, and has the skills to affect the opinion, decisions and shopping habits of their audience.

    Brands with webshops are eager to exploit these advantages and seek out these influential individuals with the aim of having them promote their products. The bigger follower base the content creator has, the better inquiries they receive. This is one of the main pillars of influencer marketing.

    The main benefits of influencer marketing

    The most significant benefit of influencer marketing is that advertised products get to thousands of people in an instant, via posts, unboxing videos and live events. Since the influencer is not officially a celebrity but rather an “everyday person”, who allows others a glimpse into their seemingly idyllic life, followers feel that they would like to live just as well as the beloved social media character.

    This feeling is furthered by the fact that the influencer speaks to the consumers in videos and live sessions, asks them to leave comments and has an outgoing personality – all important factors to raise sympathy in viewers.

    How much are companies actually willing to pay for influencer marketing?

    Well, according to the 2019 survey by Mediakix, 17% of companies spend more than half of their marketing budgets on influencers.

    Does it mean this strategy is flawless? Not exactly. Applying influencer marketing alone and solely on social media platforms carry a number of deficiencies. Let’s dig deeper!

    Core flaws of influencer marketing on social media

    • The aggressive ads might have a negative impact on the credibility of the products
    • The advertising clutter might suppress detailing the advantages of the promoted goods
    • Live events shared on social media are not retrievable and the conversion rate of products is not measurable, resulting in no data on performance

    Therefore, it’s essential to complement this marketing strategy with trust and credibility building factors. Enter livestream shopping!

    New wave influencer collaboration with livestream shopping

    The messenger seen on the website of the selling organization forms direct contact with those who are interested in the products of the respective brand, so honesty and credibility are expected from them. In such an environment the influencer cannot shrug off the popularization of goods with a conventional text that reeks of marketing and could be applied to any product. Instead, the beloved figure has the duty to educate and entertain simultaneously, apart from displaying all products in detail.

    Their aim is to capture people’s attention and exploit the pros of the video format: presenting physical attributes. Thus, the livestream shopping app is not only an excellent tool for promoting goods but also for advertizing services and event halls. Native product messaging is far from being pushy – it’s informative, efficient and value-packed instead.

    Another positive characteristic of this practice is that goods are directly purchasable during the live session, and sales are visible in parallel in the analytics tool integrated with the livestream app. Conversion is appropriately measurable this way, which provides the seller with exact data on product popularity, unpopularity and the performance of the influencer.

    In addition, the live session allows for the immediate reordering of the product feed based on real-time feedback of consumers. Another plus is post-livestream retrievability, that makes the host of the event accountable.

    Get the most out of livestream shopping with Bannerse

    All the above-mentioned functions wouldn’t be available by influencer marketing solely targeted at social media. However, it would be a crucial mistake to marginalize them when applying this marketing strategy. On the contrary: content makers should start the live on social media simultaneously in order to gain more viewers.

    Have we sparked your interest in merging livestream shopping with influencer marketing? With our service you can see the benefits of this dynamite duo for yourself. Book a demo and let’s start the journey!