How to use a livestream shopping platform for charity work?

Yes, you heard it right. A livestream shopping platform is highly suitable for voluntary help! In the following paragraphs we’ll fill you in on the whys and hows.

The world has been on the alert for years, since the issues it ran up against required lightning-fast reaction times. Therefore, cooperation, empathy and altruism have emerged to be more valuable characteristics than ever, and they have brought together many for the struggle to restore peace.

The second decade of the 21st century kicked off with a global crisis: COVID-19 has been a devastation to political, social and economic relations itself, which are about to be further deteriorated by the current war in Ukraine. Considering the Ukrainian crisis, the following scenario happened: formerly neutral countries declared to impose sanctions against the aggressor, NATO is ready to deploy military units in its member states to safeguard them, and people started to donate. 

The role of donations in a global crisis

In Europe, donations come in all shapes and sizes, of which food, clothing, shelter and transfer are the most common offerings. Meanwhile, citizens of other continents strive to express their empathy by donating money and charity.

Helping people in need isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our good intentions are often thrown off by such simple factors as lack of information or difficult-to-find charity sites. This is where a livestream shopping platform enters the picture: its functions allow for easy, quick, unambiguous, targeted and efficient accessibility to the most vital assets. How does it work in practice? Let’s see!

Why is a livestream shopping platform the best tool for collecting donations?

Depending on capacity and possibility, each civilian can contribute to helping others in a different way. Thus, an interface is indispensable for collecting all kinds of donations, listing them according to relevance in one place at the same time, and making them easily available.

The most effective way to achieve this goal is to integrate a livestream shopping platform into news portals with constant broadcast of information and a huge follower-base. This way, an enormous burden might be lifted from the shoulders of charity organizations.

How can a livestream shopping platform gather offerings into one place?

The stream can start on the site of news portals, where anchors can share during live on-the-spot reports, what kinds of offerings would come most in handy for charity organizations and borderland assistance points. Product tags embedded into the livestream redirect visitors to the respective organizations, making the desired website easily accessible. This is a crucial aspect, especially in situations, where each second counts.

What kind of product tags does a livestream shopping platform display?

A livestream shopping platform offers numerous diverse product categories during live sessions, especially those most relevant to the respective situation. Tags may contain accommodation, transfer, job opportunities, or virtually purchasable goods like weekly food supplies or the price of 100 liters of gas.

The clickable options redirect the user to a form they need to fill out to apply for that specific item. Moreover, the solutions provided by a livestream shopping platform are also useful because organizers can avoid the hustle of building a database out of pieces of data found in various social media groups and e-mails. Instead, they can access all offerings directly via a single online channel.

Product tags also redirect those to the appropriate interface, who are not sure, what kind of donations to offer or need further information about giving to charity.

How can Bannerse help you in all this?

Bannerse offers its service free of charge to organizations helping people in need, to news outlets assisting these entities via streaming, and to content producers and influencers as well. Content producers provide the platform and streaming facility, while the infrastructural background of collecting donations remains in the hands of charity organizations that already possess a well built-out system for their activities.

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