E-commerce Trends 2022


    The core characteristic of e-commerce is constant change, something that was catalyzed by COVID-19. In the last couple years, marketers have been experiencing stronger competition than ever. Furthermore, a brand new audience – GenZ – appeared on the market, for whom the presence of complete digitalization is nearly as natural as breathing.

    Even though e-commerce trends vary year to year based on consumer needs and preferences, there are some revolutionary technologies that are not only here to stay but are about to reform the market. Here’s our toplist of the most popular and promising practices.

    AR and VR technology

    AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) aren’t considered new concepts, however their lightning-fast development and enormous demand secured their place on our list. Both are efficient techniques designed to solve the most frequent issue of customers. Product pictures uploaded to webshops often don’t reflect the real attributes of items, which scares consumers away and makes them dissatisfied. AR and VR enter the picture here, since they are able to create a 3D picture of items, fostering confident purchases.

    Use of AI

    The repertoire of e-commerce trends wouldn’t be complete without mentioning AI (artificial intelligence). We’re talking about a technology that has enjoyed undiminished success for years, as it pushes out new functions constantly. Numerous webstores use AI for identifying customer buying behaviors and providing consumers with a more personal shopping experience. However, artificial intelligence is expected to be able to make orders to refill storehouses, make personalized recommendations to visitors and analyze communication channels to reach specific target audiences.

    Sound-based control

    More and more people are using Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. Both virtual assistants are responsible for making life easier with taking and executing sound-based orders. But all this is about to step out of its everyday limits to take its worthy place among the latest e-commerce trends. According to the survey of Voicebot.ai, the number of shoppers with voice commands is expected to rise by 55 percent by 2022.

    Therefore, as an e-commerce entrepreneur, it’s worth integrating this channel into your CRM system and marketing strategy. Product optimization for voice search is a significant criterion. This is because if items are ranked for the appropriate keywords, the user experience of those who use dictation to search can be crucially increased.

    Mobile commerce

    Online marketers struggle to meet the needs of customers browsing from smartphones. How big of an audience are we looking at? Well, based on the latest U.S survey of OuterBox, 79% of smartphone users made at least one online purchase in a six-month period on their device.

    These statistics suggest that the vast majority of webstores are optimized for smartphones. However, this is not the case. Several companies still have room to improve in this area, providing competitors with an easy opportunity to gain advantage. By optimizing your webshop for mobile, you can leave numerous competitors behind while decreasing your bounce and abandoned cart rates. So it’s high time to make mobile commerce a top priority on your agenda!

    Livestream shopping

    Naturally, we cannot leave out the livestream shopping solution of our toplist, which is shooting ahead like a rocket among e-commerce trends to win all podium places. On one hand, this method offers an excellent sales domain for content creators because it provides them with a platform to sell their content.

    On the other hand, it allows for building a more personal connection between brands and consumers. Apart from this, its conversion also surpasses the one of other sales techniques. Among others, shorter customer journeys, and lower bounce and abandoned cart rates prove that.


    E-commerce trends involve a great deal of challenges. But simultaneously, they offer new opportunities to separate and lift yourself above your competition, making your business even more fruitful.

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