Powerful SaaS e-Commerce Video Player for Livestream and Video Shopping that Maximises Your Reach and Generates Instant Sales

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Stream and restream

Stream and restream

Multiply Your Views,
Increase Your Conversions

Go livestream shopping and broadcast your content to an unlimited number of websites and webshops, plus up to 50 Facebook pages or groups, or 50 YouTube or Twitch channels.
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Make all your videos shoppable

Enable Your Audience to Buy Your Products Effortlessly

Record your own video, or take any existing video on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo. Add product cards and links that will allow your viewers to purchase any of your products and services in just one click - right from the video.
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Make your ads shoppable

Empower Your Buyers to Purchase Right from Banner Ads

Why continue to advertise for impressions and views when you can have shoppable ads? Use the Smuc e-Commerce Video Player as your display ad, and make every click lead straight to purchase.
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Key Smuc Features

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Easy-to-use dashboard

Just log in, start a new stream, and be guided every step of the way.
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Branding capabilities

Customise your player’s appearance to give your audience a familiar shopping experience.
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Social cross management system

Moderate all comments coming from your website, Facebook and YouTube right from your dashboard.
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Clickable product cards

Add product cards to all items for sale on your video for one-click purchase.
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Analytics reporting

With full reporting features like impressions, clicks, number of viewers, average view time, and purchases made, you can leverage data from your past streams to optimise all your videos moving forward.
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Countdown option

Create excitement for your upcoming shopping event with a countdown box on your page.
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Stream anywhere

Have the choice to stream from your browser, the Smuc app, or from a broadcast software.
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Ready for use after sign-up

Unlike other similar software that have an integration time of 2-4 weeks, Smuc can be used immediately. Made for people who seize the day!

Made For e-Commerce

One-click webshop integration for Shopify and WooCommerce for a painless import of your store’s product and customer data. 

Smuc Business and Enterprise users enjoy a quick integration into Stripe for seamless customer payments. Other payment providers can be integrated upon request.

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