Monetize audience engagement in your video contents with interactive video player & features

AI-based interactive video ad format that helps all who wants to monetize the NextGen consumer and fan engagement through real-time interactivity.

How to effetively engage your audience?

We help brands to monetize the NextGen consumer engagement by turning traditional ads into shoppable video ads and enhance sport sponsorship efficiency during sporting events in the stadiums and during sport broadcasting.
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Why Choose Bannerse?

Extra revenue by monetizing audience engagement

By having direct connection with the audience, track the audience engagement and activities real time

Extra sponsor visibility during sports events

Enhance the effectiveness of the sponsorship and sports marketing investments by reaching broader customers group.

White label solution

Bannerse provides an easy to use self-service platform with unlimited customization possibility based on the needs of any advetiser brand or sporting event.

First party data

Bannerse provides the ultimate video experience by entertaining your audience while you collect insightful data about your consumers.

Which ad would you engage with?

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Traditional video ad

Effortless, engaging, non-intrusive, and the ideal choice for any video marketing strategy.

Bannerse video ad

Much more engaging, seamless, and enriched with social-like functions.

Traditional video & sports event

Much more engaging, seamless, and enriched with social-like functions.

Bannerse interactive video ads & sports events

Much more engaging, seamless, and enriched with social-like functions.

Why Bannerse is the answer to your challenges

Your challenges

  • Hard to capture the NextGen audience attention
  • Hard to stand out because of the enormous media background noise and media blindness
  • Increasing demand from brands for real-time insights into consumer data
  • Demand to maximise the sponsor visibility during sports events
  • Impossible to purchase products directly in the ad or during sports events without interrupting watching the content

Our solution

  • Extra revenue by monetizing the audience engagement
  • Tracking consumer activities and engagement in real-time
  • Providing social media experience to the NextGen consumers
  • Extra sponsor visibility during sports events
  • Seamless purchase while watching the sports events broadcasting without interruption
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Interactive features for NextGen consumers and fans

Elevate your sporting events or video ads with our game-changing interactive solution.
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Product details

Incorporate clickable content and rich information into your video advertisement, seamlessly connecting viewers to relevant details. Boost engagement and user experience on your video content with interactive features.

Social interactions

Incorporate social-like interactive features into your video ads and sporting events, including like, comment and share options.

Instant purchase

Add instant purchase feature to your videos to turn traditional banner into shoppable video ads or enable fans to purchase merchandise products during sport events in the stadium or during broadcasting

App download

Promote your app to your consumers and fans and enable to download it directly from your ad or sporting events

Subscription form

Elevate engagement by incorporating seamless sign-up and registration options directly during the sport events video or in your ad

Fields of utilization of Bannerse

Digital marketing campaigns

Programmatic advertising
Embed to brand website/webshop
Embed to media publishers

Sports event sponsorship

Stadium advertising
Sport broadcasting

Find the product & service relevant to you

Sport clubs
Turn fans into active participants of all games, sell more merchandise and attract sponsors with a new interactive ad format.
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Sport broadcasters
Turn traditional sports broadcasting into interactive experience, monetize media rights on a new level. Offer new interactive ad formats for sponsors & advertisers.
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Leagues & Associations
Monetize your video contents & data on a new level. Offer a new ad format for sponsors.
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Sports event presenters
Entertain the in stadium fans on a new level with Bannerse all-in-one video player, without requiring any app download.
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Empower your brands to monetize NextGen consumer engagement through real-time interactivity, introducing a cutting-edge ad format.
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Save time and money. Create a new interactive ad format within 10 minutes to enhance your clients' campaigns to engage the NextGen consumers.
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Media publishers
Offer a new interactive video ad format for advertisers & maximise your revenue.
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monetize with Bannerse

Engage. Monetize. Advertise.

Stand out in the competitive market. Click to empower your ads with Bannerse's interactive features.

Create interactive Bannerse ad within 10 minutes

Step 1

Upload your existing videos

Use your own video assets or enhance the sponsored sporting events.
Step 2

Setup interactive features

Add interactive elements, links and call-to-action button to your video, enabling your consumers to your brands.
Step 3

Start running your ad & track it real-time

Launch & track the performance of your digital marketing campaign or sponsored events. Grab the embed code & run it on any programmatic ad networks, embed into any website, webshop or send to sponsored sports events organisers.
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About us

Bannerse is an interactive video player that empowers sports clubs, associations, broadcasters, and event organizers to monetize fan engagement through real-time interactivity, introducing a cutting-edge ad format tailored for sponsors that enhances the overall sporting event experience.

Bannerse was established in 2023 with the specific goal of turning video ads into interactive video experience by increasing the audience engagement with exclusive interactive features.

We realized the sports & sports broadcasting industry is experiencing a tremendous surge in demand for fan engagement interactive solutions, allowing to captivate not only fans but also offer sponsors a new interactive advertising solution that was previously unimaginable, without interrupting watching the video content.
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