AI-based banner creator with social interactions

Bannerse turns a traditional banner ad into an interactive video ad. Our technology enables the advertiser to integrate a video into a banner that consumers can like, comment, share and many more.
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Why Bannerse is the answer to your challenges

WITHOUT Bannerse

Your problems

The user engagement rate on video display advertisements has been observed to be extremely low in recent times.

- wasted media investment
- reduced ad effectiveness
- uninvolved customers
WITH Bannerse

Our solution

Bannerse video ad creator providing social media experiences, like, comment and share within video display ads.

- Increase video engagement rate by 400%
- Create your interactive video ad in minutes
- Track engagement in real-time

Which ad would you 
engage with?

Simple outstream 
video ad

Effortless, engaging, non-intrusive, and the ideal choice for any video marketing strategy.
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Bannerse outstream 
video ad

Much more engaging, seamless, and enriched with social-like functions.

We'll make your ads come to life!

Experience the Bannerse video ad, where captivating visuals and compelling storytelling combine to create an unforgettable experience.


Deliver a rich, interactive product experience by incorporating detailed information, and engaging elements directly into your ads.


Boost your ad's social presence by enabling likes, comments, and sharing capabilities within your outstream video ad itself.


Transform your video ad into a seamless shopping experience by offering instant purchase capabilities within the ad.


Amplify user engagement by integrating sign-up and registration options directly within your outstream video ad.

Let's look at our main features why Bannerse is soo powerful

Explore Bannerse's powerful features that set it apart: from seamless integration and interactive elements to data-driven insights and captivating storytelling. Elevate your website with our game-changing video ad solution.
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it’s clickable

Provide interactive product information

Incorporate clickable content and rich information into your video advertisement, seamlessly connecting viewers to relevant details. Boost engagement and user experience on your advertisement with interactive video features.
scroll down
hit the like as in social media

Get likes
within the video ad

Drive engagement with in-ad likes, mirroring the familiar social media experience. Enhance your ad's video content and foster a sense of connection with your audience.
Unleash the Power of Conversation

Comment brings your ads to life!

It empowers users to express their thoughts, opinions, and emotions by adding comments to your ads, fostering a sense of community and connection
Leverage the power of sharing to drive engagement

Transform your ads into shareable, interactive experiences

Unlock the future of display advertising with this innovative function that seamlessly integrates shareability and impact, taking your campaigns to new heights.

Offer instant purchase within your ad

With a one-step Stripe integration, all product cards can be clicked straight to purchase. Turn viewers into instant buyers!
Streamlined Sign-ups

Enable sign up & registration

Elevate user engagement by incorporating seamless sign-up and registration options directly within your ad, simplifying the journey for your audience to connect with your brand.

Bannerse creator studio

Discover our intuitive video ad creator tool and dashboard, where you can effortlessly design custom ads and monitor real-time performance data, empowering you to optimize your marketing strategy with ease.

About Us

Powerful video ad player that helps advertisers to increase video advertisment engagement by providing social media experiences within video ads. We provide a best-in-class adtech video creator that transforms how marketing professionals, marketing and programmatic agencies brand managers, online publishers create video ad content.

Bannerse was established in 2021, with the specific goal of increasing the programmatic video advertisement engagement rate. We teamed up with talented developers, designers, and product and marketing managers, and started solving a problem that each and every advertiser faces.
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Publish your ad in the most popular multi-screen ad formats

Ensuring a consistent and engaging user experience across various devices and platforms. Utilize Bannerse video ads in multiple IAB standard sizes and enjoy seamless compatibility with numerous ad servers, ensuring adaptability and integration for diverse marketing campaigns.
300x250 & 336x280
with PORTRAIT video
with PORTRAIT video
with landscape video
with landscape video

How to create Bannerse video ad

Step 1

Upload your own video advertisement

Easily upload your video to the Bannerse video admin dashboard and begin configuring your high-impact ad. Streamline your marketing efforts with our user-friendly platform and watch your engagement soar!
Step 2

Setup clickable elements

Enhance your video ad with clickable elements, links, and call-to-action buttons, providing viewers with instant access to product information and services. Elevate the user experience for seamless, interactive engagement.
Step 3

Start running your ad on any ad platform

Grab your Bannerse embed code and effortlessly integrate it across ad platforms like DV360 and Adform, or embed it directly into any website. Expand your reach and simplify your marketing strategy with ease.